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Published on: Nov 14, 2021 at 8:51 AM
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Gift Giving Guide

Gift Giving Guide

Thank you so much for wanting to contribute to Alyria's life. Please never feel obligated to give her a gift. Your participation in her life is the greatest gift you could offer. We know that distance and other factors can present a challenge for being physically present. If you wish to give her a material token of your affection, here is a short guide.

Monetary Gifts

  • A contribution to her college fund is probably the simplest way to help us set her up for success in life. (Please contact us for Venmo/Paypal/ApplePay info.)
  • Traditional Chinese Red Envelopes are a good way to bestow a sense of tradition.

Material Gifts

For other physical items, please keep the following thoughts in mind:

  • Alyria thrives with natural and organic materials.
    • Good materials include 100% Organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, untreated wooden toys, etc. Semi-synthetic (plant) materials such as viscose (rayon), lyocell, and modal are mostly okay.
      • Please avoid plastics and synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon, acrylic, etc. Take special note of fillers often used in stuffed toys and trim on clothes.
        • Avoid products derived from animals such as wool, feathers, sea shells, pearls, fur, etc.
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