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Published on: Feb 6, 2022 at 9:20 AM
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Six month update

Alyria is now 6 months old!


This weekend we started to introduce foods. We wanted to avoid sweets to start with in the hopes that she will like vegetables. We also wanted to give her whole foods, following Baby-Led Weaning, so that she will develop more mouth control and autonomy. So we decide to try steamed broccoli because a lot of Baby-Led Weaning specialists say it is a great first food. While Alyria was excited to put anything in her mouth, once the broccoli got in, she was not happy at all. We thought it might be the texture of the little florettes, but she did not like the stem either. She was at the end of her wake window and already a little cranky, so we tried again on the following day... to no avail.

We then switched to avocado, partially mashed mixed with a little breast milk. She seemed a little happier about it. But eventually she also decided it was not the time. We tried again later that day and she seemed happier about it.

Physical Development

Alyria just started to tuck her knees under her while pushing up and can sort of crawl... backwards. 😆

She's taking after her mom and started planking. So she's developing core strength and we expect her to be crawling in no time. It's time to get the house baby proofed!


She's starting to say "hey" a lot. And she's said "dada" a few times... It's still hard to tell whether she actually associates that with her dad or if it's just a babble.

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