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Published on: Jun 7, 2023 at 8:30 PM
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Words and Sentences

Alyria's started saying 3 syllable words within the past week or two. She's saying "potato" pretty accurately and is saying "pajama" pretty well also. And she's even been making sentences containing 3 words.

Mommy and Daddy

Alyria's been saying "dada" and "mama" for many many months now of course. But in the past few weeks she started saying "daddy". And just a couple days ago she started saying "mommy".

Sleep crying

Alyria's always cried at the top of her lungs while going to sleep (especially at night), no matter how much we tried (or not tried) to console her... we've tried nearly everything. She finally stopped a couple months ago... it slowly transitioned where some days she would and some days she wouldn't until she just stopped. But the last couple days she's started up again. I'm not sure why it's started again. But she's also been a little more clingly, so it's clearly seprataion anxiety. We try our best to console her, but it feels like there's little we can do that helps, especially for sleep. :-(

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