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Published on: Jun 16, 2023 at 11:06 PM
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Words: No, Ballet, and Edelweiss

Alyria's been saying "no" for at least last 3 weeks or so. When she does, she'll typically say the word "no", sign "no", and shake her head side-to-side all at the same time.

She also alternates between "no" and "yes" quite frequently... I'm not sure if she fully understands the word "no" or if she's just testing her ability to influence us. We've been trying to listen to her when appropriate to make sure she understands she has choice and control over some decisions.


The first time mom and dad exercised with Alyria in the room, she was so upset. She cried and fussed most of the time. We've been occasionally exercising on weekends, but it'd been a while. Two weeks ago, we took an online ballet class. And Alyria just loved exclaiming "bay yay!" the whole time. (She still can't form her "L" sounds).

I also made a decision to start exercising regularly before dinner (about the only window I have with my work schedule). So Alyria's been saying "bay yay!" or "bayayay" quite frequently almost every day the last two weeks.


I single Edelweiss for her naps. Today was the first day where she started singing "eh yay yay" even before I started, and every time I got to the "edelweiss" verse.

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