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Published on: Jun 17, 2023 at 8:32 PM
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Shoes, Socks, and Hat

She's keeping clothes on!

Alyria's been pretty active in putting on and taking off her clothing for some time now. But she could never keep her shoes on when she's sitting... either in the car or the stroller. But the last couple days, it seems like she's finally keeping them on!

Back to quiet sleeping!

A week ago I mentioned Alyria was back to scream sleeping. But fortunately that only lasted a few days. She's been hapily quiet sleeping since.

Playground excitement

Alyria was always content when we went to the playground. But today was the first time she was excited and almost ecstatic. She actually ran towards the play set and started climbing up the slide from the bottom. She didn't quite make it to the top before slipping and sliding down. For a second I was worried she'd get upset and give up on the slide. But she was giggling and just kept going at it. She entertained herself for a while going up and down the slide. Then she went over to the swings and asked to be put in.

She still loves the swing and stayed for quite some time. She even discovered she could kick her legs violently and get a jiggle out of the swing. She was elated. Eventually she wanted to stop and said "done". I took her out and, for the first time, she didn't change her mind.

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