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Published on: Jul 16, 2023 at 8:07 AM
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Walking and Talking

Mom and dad have been walking around the neighborhood almost every day since Alyria was born. When she outgrew the carrier, we started using the stroller. A few times we tried to have her walk with us, but she'd start complaining not long after and then refuse the stroller, so we stopped for a while. Then, just two days ago (Friay afternoon), I decided to give it a try. She walked holding our hands, holding the stroller, exploring rocks and flowers. While I tried to teach her to keep the rocks in the neighbor's yards, she still managed to steal one. She walked almost the entire route with that rock in her hands and even changing hands at one point. I don't know what it was that entranced her so much about that rock... she didn't really examine it. But eventually she decided she had enough and just set it down on the side walk. She ended up walking the entire 1 mile route with us without complaint. It took an hour (versus our usual 30 minutes). Not so bad, all things considered.

She had another milestone that morning while her grandmother was watching her. Alyria had pulled out too many books, so grandma said "nǎinai shōu" (Chinese for "grandma will put away"). Alyria wouldn't have it and said "àixī shōu" (Chinese for "Aishi will put away", "Aishi" being her Chinese name). This was the first time she's said she would do something in that way.

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