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Published on: Jul 25, 2023 at 8:58 PM
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Alyria loves her floor bed!

We were quite late in getting Alyria into a floorbed, but we finally made the transition last Thursday (July 20). Alyria had no problems transitioning to it. She went straight to it and curled up in her usual way.

When we're getting her ready for sleep at the end of the night, she often gets super excited and is running around and touching everything. So I was worried that she would be super crazy distracted from going to sleep at bed time. Or that when she awoke, she'd start tearing the room apart.

None of that happened. For nap time and night time, she just curles up and tries to go to sleep (even if it takes her 1.5 hrs). Or sometimes she'll have trouble sleeping and I'll see her staring up at the camera. (She did that even when she was in the crib.).

Similarly, the first few days when she woke up, she didn't know what to do with herself. She just sat in her bed waiting for us. After a couple days, she explored a little, and found the remote for the light switch (which we purposely left accessible) and figured out how to turn the light on and off. She also figured out how to open the door and would just hang out in front of the door calling for "mommy" and "daddy". Only today (5 days after moving her to the floorbed) did I catch her waking up from her nap and go for the books in her room. She opened the door, called out to us, realized we weren't there, turned the light on, picked up a book and sat in the rocking chair and read to herself. It's so amazing to see her indepent capabilities grow!


We knew that from a Montessori perspective, Alyria should've been in a floor bed a long time ago. We had various issues... some logistical, some safety concerns, and some of it was just us thinking she wasn't ready. In hindsight, I think we should've done it much sooner. In any case, it's been amazing to see how she handled this change. I hope she learns to get a little bolder in exploring her room more.

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