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Published on: Oct 2, 2023 at 7:43 AM
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Daddy walk faster

A toddler’s speech is pretty limited. And it often makes you wonder whether they truely understand what you’re saying to them sometimes or even the meanings of words.

The other day, she was getting a bit rambunctious before naptime and doing a bit of happy feet dance and running around a bit. It’s not an issue, since I know it’s good for her to burn off some energy.

But, I had her in my arms (at her request), and I was feeling playful. I was explaing that you don’t always have to go fast, you can go slow. So I proceeded to demonstrate walking very slowly, while saying “I’m walking veeerrrry sloooowwly”. Alyria decided a couple steps of this was enough, and said “Daddy walk faster”.

At this point, I think I lost it and had to put her down. :-D

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