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Published on: Nov 7, 2023 at 8:43 PM
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Sweet night

Mom was out of town over the weekend, and grandma was traveling, so it was just Alyria and myself this past weekend. She hasn't had an extended time without mom, so we made sure to tell her beforehand, explaining that mommy was in San Francisco. We'd been to San Francisco plenty of times as a family, so she had some concept of what that meant.

Over the weekend she would repeat many times, "mommy in San Francisco." Or she might start to say "Mommy coming" (technically she pronounces it like "dumming" because she still doesn't have the "k" sound), but then corrects herself and says "mommy in San Francisco".

Mom's been back for a couple days now. But tonight as I put her to bed, she corrected herself as she said "Mommy in San Fran... mommy home. I'm happy mommy home." :-D "I'm happy mommy's home too."

And as I left her room, she said "goodbye daddy".

Good night, Alyria!

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