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Published on: Mar 19, 2024 at 8:32 PM
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Dreaming of the Playground

The two things Alyria’s been asking for the most the past few weeks have been drawing and going to the playground. For the most part, she narrates things very well and doesn’t generally make things up, except for occations where she’s clearly pretending something.

However, this morning as we were getting her ready for daycare, she said she went to the playground last night. I was perplexed and was about to correct her, when mom chimed in, realizing she was dreaming.

I’ve talked with her about dreams before, as I was worried that she might be confused or scared about the dream. I was never quite sure if she understood. But when I gave her experience a name, it seemed like she picked it up right away. She didn’t seem to have any issues with the concept and picked up on the name as easily as any other object we’ve named. And in the same way, she repeated the word “dreaming” as we practiced saying it together a few times.

I proceeded to ask her a few questions about the dream playground. Apparently it had swings and slides (her favorite apparatuses). And mommy and daddy were with her.

I doubt this was her first dream, but it’s the first one she’s clearly communicated to us!

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